Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Love Massage and Looking Ahead

Not only did Nate & Shannon feed us dinner tonight, but Shannon also gave me a massage. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should have a friend who is a massage therapist. Upon her expert examination, she concluded that, yes, my hamstrings are tight, but the larger problem is with my adductors. (Which, incidentally, is what Jeff mentioned to me in another post because he's like wicked smart.) So, she worked on my legs, and I instantly felt better. The cause is definitely the combination of skate skiing and that whole 40k thing. The good news is that she said I wasn't too bad, and with stretching, I should be good to go.

Speaking of going, there's a certain matter of the Mid-Winter 10-Mile Classic on Sunday. I have no idea how it's going to go. I'm hoping that my barely running over the last week is just like a good taper. Even though I know it doesn't really work that way. Of course, assuming nothing still hurts, my race "plan" hasn't changed at all...well, because I'm an idiot.

And, speaking of being an idiot, I've started thinking about races for the year. So, here are the potentials races.

4/11 - Merrimack River Trail Run - 10 Mile
4/19 - Muddy Moose Trail Run - 22k
5/3 - Blue Hills Trail Race - 10 Mile
5/24 - Pineland Farms Trail Challenge - 50k (This is the big one.)
6/20 - Mt. Washington Road Race - 7.6 Miles
7/12 - Bradbury Scuffle - 10k
7/26 - Escarpment Trail Run - 30k
8/16 - Bradbury Breaker - 9 Miles
8/30 - Wapack Trail Race - 17.5 Miles
9/13 - Bradbury Bruiser - 12 Miles

From there, it gets interesting. I'm going to do one of the following depending on...well, a lot of things...

9/27 - Vermont 50 - 50 Mile - I'm not really sure about this whole 50-mile thing. I'll see how the 50k goes in May...because what's another 19 hilly miles among friends?
10/4 - Maine Marathon - If I choose this option, it means that I've decided that I want to run a "fast" road marathon and qualify for Boston. Why? Because it's there. Of course, it would be my second road marathon, and I'd be looking to PR by 28 minutes in order to get the, um, yeah...I'm an idiot.
11/? - GAC Stone Cat Marathon or 50 Mile - This race just sounds like "fun."

So that's the not plan plan for 2009. Feel free to talk me out of any of that.


middle.professor said...

I don't see the Blackstrap Hell on there!

JAD said...

Just run a fucking 50 mile, its no worse than a road marathon

Trail Monster Running said...

Running 50 miles on trails is better than a road marathon in so many ways. fuck yeah!!

Sorry, JAD started it.

sn0m8n said...

I assumed Blackstrap Hell was a given!

effin eh! 50? Maybe. I do feel compelled to point out that I haven't run 50 miles in a week since 1996.

mindy said...

I hope JAD isn't your grandma...

Shannon said...

YOU should totally do the Wapack race (and take me with you - I talked about doing it all last summer, but ended up being so busy with various trips and weddings that it was completely unrealistic) Anyway - it looks awesome.