Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Run and Random Stuff

Ran 5 miles this afternoon on the carriage roads at Great Glen. Felt surprisingly good. There was even a little bit of spring in the step, which I did not expect after our hike on Monday. That's good news. Perhaps the reason that it took me so long to recover from my 18-mile run was the fact that I had 2.5 hours of sleep two nights before. That might have been a factor...maybe.

Need to go back to Olympic marathon for a moment: You can watch the whole thing at NBC's website. It's 3 may not want to watch it all. Well, I was going to embed it, but there's no code. I was going to link to it, but they don't allow you to copy the link. Apparently, Microsoft's new Silverlight viewer isn't sophisticated enough to offer cut and paste. Oh, a far be it from NBC to actually want more web traffic. (OK, 2 people a day read my drivel, but you get the point: they suck.) So, go to the NBC Encore page and choose a track and field video. A pop up will open and an ad will play...of course. On the right, you'll see you're in the track & field channel. Scroll through to the Women's Marathon. Oh, and you can watch other stuff, too. Here's the weird thing, though, the marathon has no commentary. Just ambient sound. On second thought, that's better than Tom Hammond, He doesn't know the difference between the marathon and the hammer throw.

And here's something you didn't see on NBC—Blake (#3228), aka the top/only U.S. finisher.

And, what you really didn't see—Blake finishing:

(Blake really needs to work on her finishes because she was directly behind the woman in front of her until just past the line. It's all about face time!) Now, you did not see this shot on NBC. She finished 45 seconds behind Paula Radcliffe. NBC cut away right after Radcliffe finished. I don't care that she's the world record holder, she's British. America doesn't really give a rat's ass about female British marathoners. However, they might be proud to see the top American come across the line. I talked about this with my mom last night, and she got me all fired up about this again. NBC sucks.

OK, onto funnier things. If you have a few minutes to waste and want to laugh out loud or LOL, as the kids say. Go to engrish funny. It's full of gaffs in translation. It's awesome
Engrish picture of a pack of toilet paper labeled glory hole wipers

Feel us while soft!

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