Friday, August 15, 2008

Captain Crankypants

I thought I'd go with that title just to warn you. Here goes...

Today just kind of pissed me off. First, our commander-in-chief spoke about the situation in Georgia this morning. Of course, I had to wonder how many people out there are upset that they won't be able to get to Atlanta because of Russian troops. Anyway, Dubya said that the United States is standing by Georgia because the "Georgian people have made the necessary sacrifices to become a thriving democracy." (May not be an exact quote, but it's close.) Really? It has nothing to do with Georgia's strategically important position in the world? It's all about democracy? Wow, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What? Oh, no troops? Gee, where could they all be? Oh, found them, they're dying needlessly in other countries "to protect liberty." Awesome. If he wins a third term, I pulling a Susan Sarandon and moving to Canada.

Shortly following that report on NPR, I heard this little nugget: In Louisiana today, a ban cockfighting was established. Not on "this date in history" kind of today. No, today. Hey, Louisiana, it's 2008. Welcome, sorry you missed the 1900's. A state legislator was quoted as saying, "It's sad because it's been part of our history." That is sad. You know what else is part of history? Slavery. I was sad to see that go in the United States, too. Ah, the South.

So, these two things just kind of set me off for the rest of day. Plus, I was hungry all day. Cranky, then hungry = more cranky. Luckily, no one came into my office today.

I did get out for a run, and my body was also cranky. My legs felt fine. A little sluggish, but this is marathon training. I'm supposed to be tired as I build up the miles. (Right?) Good news was that my knee felt fine—not even a twinge. Stretching worked, and I need to do that right after I finishing typing this. But, like I said, I was hungry all day. I forgot to bring my Fuel Belt with me, so I had no nutrition with me. I was fighting the bonk from about 20 minutes in. That made me cranky. I saw a small bird on the side of the trail. I think it was some type of warbler. It had a broken wing, I think. It hopped away, and I didn't want to stress it out. It just didn't look quite right, I hope the wing wasn't really broken. I'm only telling you this detail because after I saw the bird, this jumped into my head:

That made me kind of cranky. Run was solid, though, I ran what's left of the 24 Hour course. Slower than the first/last time I ran it, but the mud factor was way up. I was pretty splattered by the end, and my shoes are caked with black goo. That, however, did not make me cranky.

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