Monday, April 28, 2008

Pineland Run

D was really itching to get out for a run at Pineland Farms in preparation for the race at the end of May. I was also anxious to go for my first run on trails in what seems lke about 40 years.

Success for both of us. My calf felt fine. Really, I barely even noticed it. My quads seem to have atrophied in the last month. Apparently, not running does have negative effects. Who knew? That being said, it was only my third run back, and I made it through 5 miles pain free. Good stuff.

D put in about 11 miles and toured more of the course. Apparently, the part we ran together, the Oak Hill Loop, is the easier section. It is hilly, but the treadway is smooth. Mostly grass. The other trails that D hit were much rougher. Should be fun. And by fun, I mean not fun at all. And, really, running a 15.5 mile trail race after a month off and only 12 or so miles a week is a brilliant idea. Can't wait.