Sunday, April 13, 2008

Introducing..."Snowman Whines"

Welcome to "Snowman Whines" with 50% more whining than the original "Snowman Says."

Due to the recent events taking place in my right calf, I've decided to take this blog in a whole new (or exactly the same) direction. Daily (or almost) you'll be treated to my random whinings about my calf and the progress (or not) of its healing. So, be sure to check in daily (or almost) for a little dose of sunshine.

Coming soon...not running the Merrimack River Trail Run. Sure to be thrilling.


hack said...

Awesome with homage paid to Ol Left eye!

bbirney said...

Perhaps this is a fine opportunity for you to enjoy the serenity of a few days... weeks... months... of basecamp without all the hiking. You know, lounge around in a lawn chair cooking hot dogs and enjoying the relaxing environs of the trail head.

...and of the fat Texan tourists in their RVs. You can throw wieners at the Texans.