Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This is killing me. It's beautiful out, and I'm not running.


Calf feels better, but it felt better before my 2-mile run on Saturday, too. Not good times. My new personal massage therapist, Shannon, worked on my calf on Monday night, which kicked ass. It also kicked my ass...well, my calf. It's still a little tender. She really got in there. The theory is that my soleus (actual name of a muscle) is the problem, and it's not playing nice with my gastromontremius (may or may not be an actual name of a muscle). The end result is the pain and suffering leading to inability to run. I've been heating, icing and stretching and will continue to do so. Besides, the rolled up pant leg and heat/ice pad is quite a fashion statement.

Test run tomorrow. Right now, I'm 25/75 (in/out) for the Merrimack River Trail Run on Saturday. If it goes well tomorrow, I'll upgrade myself to 50/50. If not, I'll go to 1/99 or Out. That would make me grumpy(er).

In happier running news, I thought this story from the Portland Press Herald was pretty cool. Good stuff.

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