Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wet Day along the Cathance

Last night, my buddy Nate called me to ask if I wanted to join him and a friend for a workout on the track this morning. I told him that they should start without me, if I didn't show. I really wasn't interested in running repeats on the track, but it would be somewhat social—demented and sad, but social. I gave myself a 15% chance of showing up. A short while later he called me back to say that our friend had bailed, so he wasn't planning on going to the track in the morning. So, we made plans to meet in the afternoon for a run on the trails of the Cathance River Nature Preserve. In short, running muddy singletrack is eleventy billion times cooler than running repeat miles on a track.

It started raining shortly after we left from my house, and it rained off and on throughout the run. That rain got us wet from above, and yesterday's rain got us wet from below as the puddles were up and plentiful. We ran the 6.5 mile loop that I've devised, and I'm pretty certain that he'll get lost the next time he heads in there. Great run, and good to have company. I was very tight before I started today, but loosened up nicely throughout the run. Might do something tempo-ish tomorrow. Then again, I might not.


Laurel said...

I admire your flexibility...might show up at the track, might not. might do some tempo tomorrow, or maybe not. That is the mind set of a true Zen trail Runner.

sn0m8n said...

Zen is giving me waaayyy to much credit. Haphazard is more accurate. But, thanks for the encouragement!