Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tempo...I Guess

Today was one of those days when the motivation just never appeared. I just never had the "Oh yeah! Let's go for a run!" moment. I have to admit my legs are tired. I'm definitely doing more training for the 50k than I did for the marathon. But, I really can't complain because I'm not running 391 miles this week like some people.

Even though I wasn't motivated, I did get out the door and stick to my plan of running something not easy today. That not easy ended up being a 5k at about 80-90%. The loop I've devised around Highland Green is a little shy of 5 miles, and I figured that the road and dirt road loop portion would make up 5k. I was close, and I only needed to add a small bit more to make the full 5k. Unlike last week, this route was quite hilly, and on top of that it was windy. For the first mile the wind was straight in my face, and it was also in my face on the final mile. Think about that. So unfair. Mix in the hills and the wind, and I'm happy with the result:

5k: 21:44, 7:00 per mile on the nose.
Mile 1: 7:11
Mile 2: 6:58
Mile 3: 7:35 (includes the .1)

Along with the lack of motivation, I didn't feel that great. Just a bit off. Probably just general fatigue. So, I'll definitely take it. Hopefully, I'll be able to withdraw some of this banked speed on May 24.

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