Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still Recovering

Another short run today. I had planned to take the day off and wait until tomorrow, but the weather was waaaayyy too nice: sunny and close to, if not 60 degrees. Plus, I'm up at work for a couple days, so I had the novelty of running on closed ski trails in shorts and a t-shirt. Kinda funky.

Overall, I felt OK. A little sluggish, but the trails were really soft. 95% of the run was on snow. Well, it was more like slush, and not as firm as I had hoped. I was certainly slipping and sinking, so a lot of energy was going into the snow. I could really feel my hip flexors by the end of the run. But, good to get moving.

Speaking of recovering, I've also decided to skip out on the Merrimack River 10-Miler, which is coming up next weekend. The main reason is that I think it's best for me to recover a bit more after Saturday's effort. I'm being a tad cautious, but with my injury history, I think it's wise. The second reason is ego, and I don't really feel like getting slaughtered in another 10-miler. I'm old and slow, and 10 miles is too short for me. Finally, it will take out too much time from a family weekend. So, I'll just be doing a long run instead, which will be my first long run since Saturday. Seems like a good plan.

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