Monday, April 13, 2009

Slug, Fun, Food, Rest and Detox

Been busy the last few days, so here's the latest training update.

Friday: Short run on the trails around Mt. Ararat. Last year, I devised a loop I assumed to be about 3 miles, and with the snows mostly gone, I figured it would be a good day to get back to it. Indeed the majority of the snow was gone, and the mud level was high. Good stuff. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling too frisky. Rather sluggish, in fact. Hence, it wasn't a great run, but they can't all be perfect. On the good news side, I wore the Garmin and found out the loop is 3.29 miles.

Saturday: On Friday night, we headed down to my parents' house, and despite the absolutely craptastic weather, we were able to drag my sister out for a run on Saturday morning. D and I planned to go to Bradley Palmer State Park, but Meg had never been on a trail run before. She didn't really know what she was getting into, but she had a great attitude about it and had a blast. (I think.) Although, she's pretty certain we're trying to kill her. We ran 5 miles with her in fairly muddy conditions in about 57 minutes. I'm pretty impressed with my little sister. D and I then headed out on the Fat Ass course, and she headed back to the parking lot after about 1.5 miles to take Meg home before returning to pick me up. Then, I was on my own. I seriously lost my mojo once I was alone. Don't get me wrong, the trails are really nice, but I just wasn't feeling it. I completed the 10k lap in about 57 minutes and was both pleased and disappointed that D had not yet returned. If she was there, I'm pretty certain I would have bailed after 11 miles. But, I headed back out for another lap. About a mile into this lap it started to rain. The timing was good because while it didn't really lift my spirits, it motivated me. I pulled it back together and finished the lap in just under 54 minutes. A real solid 17 miles...especially since about 10 of it was solo. Did I mention that Meg took a nap that afternoon?

For me it wrapped up a solid week: 37 miles. All on trail. Well, a couple road crossing and a few short stretches of pavement here and there, but I logged them all as trail runs. Excellent! But, no wonder I'm so slow. Trudge, trudge, trudge.

Sunday: Recover, not the run...from the Queso Fundido and giant Mexican feast the night before. If you're ever in Newburyport, MA, go here and get the fundido. Trust me.

Monday: Back at home, and back to reality. But, D and I did get out for an afternoon run in the Commons. I felt great. Run felt easy and smooth. Good stuff. Plus, the company was...well, OK. Then dinner was a detox of salad and roasted veggies. Of course, D decided she needed ice cream for dessert. I better make sure I run tomorrow.

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