Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everything is Soggy

It's been ark building weather since I got up this morning, and I've done nothing but deal with water all day. I just spilled (a small amount of) water on my computer. Our washing machine is randomly spewing water from it's outlet hose. Good times all around. So, I guess it's fitting that I headed out the door for my run today in a steady rain. It didn't remain a steady rain as it changed to heavy mist, light mist, hard rain, blowing rain...and everything in between. I was a tad soggy. I ran the 5-mile out and back on the powerlines from our house, and only saw one other person outside on this fairly terrible day. He was about 12 years old and riding a miniature dirt bike. So, at least there were two people out doing what they love on a nasty day.

Overall, I felt pretty good. I started out very tight and sluggish, but gradually felt better as I went. About what I expected after Saturday and Sunday. One body part would start out tight, then loosen, and I'd notice another tight part. Then, the process would repeat. After a half hour, everything felt OK. Really, I'm just trying to survive these couple weeks. I'm in the middle of my hardest training weeks for the Pineland 50k. Just trying to hang on. Another two hard weeks to go.

Then I'm thinking about going to camp:

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