Sunday, February 15, 2009

An "Easy" 8

My plan for today was to put the parts to the test with an easy 8-mile trail run. I figured that it would be a good test, and I wanted to take it nice and easy. D and I figured we'd go to Bradbury and just run the snowmobile trail out and back. This was to be my first official training run for the Pineland 50k.

Well, at 8:00am D posted our plans on Facebook, and Ian quickly responded that he and Emma would be meeting Jim there at 10:00. So, it turned into a group run, which is awesome. The more the merrier. Of course, Ian always has something devious planned, and today it was quite possibly the hilliest 8-miles possible. Perfect way to kick off my training.

The upside of the recent warm weather and rain followed by cold is that the snowmobile trails are firm to icy. Pretty much perfect for running. Not great for ski conditions, but snowmobile trails and screw shoes make for a great combination. Of course, the ups and downs today were often quite steep, and crampons may have been more appropriate in places. Emma was the only one to take a spill, but that was because she veered off the trail to avoid some ice. Needless to say, there's a lot of snow out there, and we almost lost her. We turned around at 4 miles, and instead of going straight back the way we came, Ian suggested we take a detour to the summit of Bradbury. We were rewarded with a great view, and a fun descent down the Switchback Trail to the cars. Great way to end a kick ass, ass kickin' run.

It wasn't easy, but I felt good. I can tell there's not a lot in the tank right now, but that will come. My leg felt fine. A little tightness near the end, but it's definitely turned around dramatically in the last couple days. So, things are looking up.

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