Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Jacket Required

This post is all about Phil Collins.

OK, not really. But, did you know that Phil Collins must be playing on at least one radio station at all times. It's a law. Seriously, have you ever turned on the radio and not been able to find Phil Collins? I didn't think so.

Anywho, it was so warm today, I skied without at jacket. I had originally planned on another action adventure snowmobile trail run on my way home from work, but it was 52 at the base of Mt. Washington today. How could I not ski in that? It was a beautiful April afternoon, and I skied for about an hour. Easy, nice and easy.

(See, no jacket.)

I wrapped it up just in time as the clouds were quickly rolling in. Then it started to rain. Then I drove home in the rain. Yuk.

Hamstrings are feeling a bit better. Slowly. Although, I think that underneath the layer of hamstring tightness is a layer of calf tightness. It's like a 7 layer dip of angry muscles fibers. So, I've been working on the calves, too. The best sign today was the lack of fatigue. I felt quasi--freshish. So, I'll consider it progress made.

And, now back to our regularly scheduled Phil Collins...

What the hell is he talking about? Phil Collins is evil.


Trail Monster Running said...

What's up with the mountain man on bass? Or is that a hammer thrower?

sn0m8n said...

ZZ Top reject?