Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today, I was more hardcore than a Mountain Dew ad. I even skied off piste. And, by calling it "off piste," it shows how hardcore I am all over the world. In fact, the planet can barely contain how extreme I am. It was basically Powerthirst!

OK, perhaps not, but it was a great day on the trails. It was all snow at Great Glen Trails, and I took advantage of it with an afternoon ski.

We couldn't keep up with the grooming fast enough, so there was fresh snow covering all the tracks. It felt more like a backcountry ski, and I decided that I might as well actually ski ungroomed trails. Conditions were perfect for that: 8 inches of new snow on top of a hard base.

You can barely make out my tracks on the left side.

Both those pics were taken on a trail called Whiplash, which is a great singletrack trail. One of my favorites for running. In fact, here's a video of that trail from Dramamine theater.

So, overall, the ski was more like playtime than an actual workout. And, really I think that's a good thing.


Trail Monster Running said...

Frutiest. Ski Pose. Ever.

I'm jealous.

middle.professor said...

Sweet! Even Cacky got excited by the Super Mario Bros. tune! And your freshies sure beats our 6 inches of Densest. Snow. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I "skied" up the Tucks trail this morning on my bc xc skis, then went down the Sherbie. Gotta love living in the Valley.

sn0m8n said...

That ain't no pose, homeslice. I'm in full on motion.

Kev - I saw that on your FB status. Only an hour workout, though. I'm disappointed. I hope you ran 12 or so in the PM.