Friday, June 27, 2008

Look to the West!

Couple things going on the left coast (I'm so freakin' hip!) tonight and such.

First of all, here's something that's not going on: Western States 100. Unfortunately for Jamie, Boom Boom and a whole bunch of other crazy mofos the wildfires have forced the cancellation of the race this weekend. Major, major bummer. Apparently, the smoke is really thick, and the fires are not too far away from the access roads. Not good times. I really feel for all the people that trained so hard for this "race," and I know it's been equally hard on the race organizers. Just a tough break. The good news is that all 2008 entrants are automatically entered in the 2009 race bypassing the lottery. Start the countdown!

Secondly, the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials begin in Eugene, OR today. (Fires not invited.) Tonight at 12:20a.m. EST is the women's 10,000m final. Blake, whom you may remember from a certain race, will be running the 10k. She already has her Olympic Team spot (KICK ASS!) in the marathon, so this is more of a tune-up. Should be a great race as it features a stacked filed, with Shalane Flanagan coming in as the favorite having run the American Record in her debut at the distance in May. (That would be 30:34...DAMN) Before this turns into an in-depth track and field analysis blog, I'll let you know that you can find the complete coverage schedule here. And, yes, I'll be up late tonight.

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