Monday, June 23, 2008

Feeling Groovy and More Thoughts from the Rockpile

Just got back from an easy 3-mile run on my favorite easy 3-mile loop in the Commons. Felt pretty good. Not particularly springy, but pretty good. Still a touch of tightness in my right calf, but it doesn't seem like anything to worry about. Left calf feels fine. I'll definitely stretch more tonight, and probably heat and ice both just to be safe.

Needless to say, I've been reflecting quite a bit on Mt. Washington. So, here are a couple more thoughts:

1. I know I said it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done, but I may have to revise that statement. Maybe. I think I may have made that statement when I was still in the euphoria of finishing. Regardless, it's definitely pretty high on the list.

2. I think part of the reason that I'm thinking about revising that statement is because I think this is one that I'm really proud of. I ran (mostly) up Mt. Washington. That's pretty effin' cool.

3. I definitely want to run it again next year.

4. I will definitely train better next year. This includes not getting hurt and missing all of April. Oh, and perhaps some actual hill workouts. Yeah, those might help.

5. Shout out to my man Kevin for another really strong performance on the hill. Even though he's feeling down about his race, he's probably the toughest 78-pound guy I know. Kevin - I have no doubt that you will win this race. It will come together for you. In case you're wondering, he ran 1:06:30ish, which I can't even comprehend and would be easily in the top five most years. Which leads me to...

6. This year's race was absolutely stacked. The top 5 guys were all under 1:02. That's insane. 32 guys went under 1:10. That's crazy. I really wish I had been riding in the press truck to watch the battle up front.

7. Another shot out to Stephen for rocking out a sweet 1:26ish. Damn.

8. I also have to point out that I only got beat by one 70 year-old guy. He's so mine next year...


Trail Monster Running said...

The second time I did the race, 2006 I think, I was coming back from an injury and had only been running for like 3 days leading up to the race. I figured I couldn't do too much damage in an uphill only race. Anyway, I got beat by a 72 year old woman. That hurt, a lot.

But I returned next year and kicked her butt!

sn0m8n said...

Hopefully, someday, we can become that 72 year-old, that didn't come out right...