Friday, June 13, 2008

Fooling the Dear Flies

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I've been feeling a bit like that at work the last couple days. (BTW, word on the street is that the video is staged, so fear not office supply lovers.) Not quite as bad as that guy, but pretty worked. And, with my less than enthusiastic run yesterday, I was really psyched to get out today. I needed it.

I wasn't certain how I was going to feel, but I hoped to be able to get through 5 miles. I headed back to the Cathance River Nature Preserve by way of Mt. Ararat. I did many of the same trails as the other day, but made it a more normal loop. I ended up feeling great. A huge improvement over yesterday. I ended up running for a little over an hour. I'm going to call it 6.5. A good run.

The best part was that I killed four deer flies. Yup, four. I've developed a new technique. When they start that annoying buzz and bump know the one in which they fly at your head, buzz around your ears, bump into to your head and fly away. Yeah, that one. Hate that. Hold your hand, palm down, a couple inches above your head. Wait until the fly lands on your hand. Slowly bring it down and SMASH IT! It works like a charm. Like I said, I got 4 of the little bastards this way. HA HA!

From the D style of blog posting, flora & fauna report: Um, flora...yeah...saw some green stuff. As far as fauna goes, besides the 4 dead deer flies (OH YEAH!), I saw a Scarlet Tanager. I even knew what it was. Pretty cool. The CRNA is climbing the chart as a really cool place to run.

Completely unrelated...this ad just came on TV. I love these ads. "Loren Wallace is made of lightening." Cracks me up every time.

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