Sunday, March 2, 2008

Somewhere Between Wimping Out and Coming To Our Senses

Our original plan for today was run the Trail Monster Running Fat Ass 50k. Or at least part of it. The 50k was three loops, and we had planned on running one, 10.5 miles, which would be a long run for us mere mortals.

Well, it snowed about 6 inches of heavy wet slop on Saturday, and despite planning to go we when hit the sack on Saturday night. We came to our senses/wimped out when we got up this morning at 5:30a.m. The course was mostly on snowmobile trails, which may or may not have been packed out. Even if they had seen some snowmobile traffic, they would be really soft. D put it best: We didn't need a long run at this point in our training. Based on the suspected conditions, I suspect we would have been running for 2 hours. Probably would have done more harm than good. That being said, I'm a little bummed to have missed out on the Fat Ass race experience. In the words of John Bender, "That's kind of social. Demented and sad, but social." Fat ass races are non-races in that there's no entry fee, no t-shirts, no prizes, no nothing. Just a bunch of running geeks getting together to torture themselves for fun. It's the potluck of running. Everyone brings something for the "aid stations" and goes for a run. It would have been cool to meet some like-minded yahoos. Like I said, demented and sad, but social. Maybe next time.

In lieu of that experience, we slept late (really late) and I made a delicious vat of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, peppers, sausage and 12 pounds of cheese. That was fuel for our run in the Brunswick Town Commons. We ran the same loop we ran a couple weeks ago, plus another loop twice, and it affirmed our decision to skip the 10.5 mile loop. Even though the Commons had seen a fair amount of traffic, the packed trails were soft and the untracked trails were downright tough—lots of sinking in and postholing. That being said, it was a great run—a great 6-mile run, that was right up our alley.

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