Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crappy Run

Note to dog owners: when you take your precious little pooch out for a walk, and said pooch takes a dump...PICK IT UP! I have no interest in seeing or nearly stepping in Fido's landmines as I'm out for my run. I don't take my cat's leftovers and leave them around the neighborhood for all to admire. You may be walking along a wooded trail, but there is no mythical woodland nymph that prances along collecting canine feces. Your dog craps. It sits there. It's disgusting. It's doubly disgusting when it's dropped in the snow. PICK IT UP!!! Jerks.

D and I went for a run in the Brunswick Commons this afternoon. I guess we were both looking to get off the bike path. As it turns out, we really should have waited a day since today's temps were above freezing following yesterday's considerable rainfall. The combination made for a relatively soft snowpack that had me sinking in more often than I would have liked—up to my knees and onto my face at one point. That being said, it was a good run albeit a tough one. We were only out for 30 minutes or so, but it was a good break this afternoon...despite the landmines.

I know that my loyal readers were struggling over the lack of posts over the last couple days. My apologies. To sum up: my parents came to visit. We skied a little and ate a lot. Good times. Very good times.

Here's the best thing I've seen in the last few days:

Um...yeah...that's why you never, never, ever propose in public. Also, really, dude, a mid-season NBA game. Yeah, that's romantic. Thankfully, the mascot was there to console him.

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