Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Feet Suck

In the continuing saga that is my search for trail shoes, a new direction has been taken. I ran in my new Asics GT-2130 Trails last week. The results were not so great. As usual, I could feel my heels moving around and the start of a blister after only 4 miles. Basically, the same situation I was in with the Inov-8s. It wasn't nearly as bad as the Inov-8s, so I thought a new lacing system might do the trick, since they are so similar to my current shoes. Well, about 30 seconds in our run today, I realized they weren't going to work. After a minor hissy fit, we went home, and I switched to my old shoes. This, of course, led us back to Maine Running Company this afternoon.

The mission: Try on every shoe until I find one that fits.

You know it's a bad when you've never actually bought a pair of shoes (that you've kept) from a running shoe store, and they recognize you. So I told them my recent plight, and the quest was on for a stability shoe with a good heel cup/tight fitting heel. I tried on 6 different shoes and ran down the street in each of them. Included in this batch was the updated version of my current shoes, the Asics Kayano. Here's my question: What do shoe companies change their shoes? The new Kayanos fit completely differently. In other words, they don't fit me at all. So, thanks Asics. And, I won't be buying your shoes this time around. Same goes for you, Nike and Mizuno. Here's what I did buy: the Brooks Infiniti. They're heinous. They have this weird plastic support thing on the bottom and something else called Mogo. Whatever. They fit. Or at least I hope so. I think I'll be testing them out on Saturday. They're not a trail shoe, but I've been running trails in my road shoes, so I'm going to stick with that plan. Again, it's all about fit right now. Since so few things few me, who cares? If I have to go back to Maine Running Company again, I'll probably take up cycling.

With that in mind, huge thanks to Maine Running Company. They have been awesome. Everyone there is super nice, and the top shoe fitting guru, Maggie, claims that they're not laughing at me. I doubt that, but at least they've been helping out my feet, and that's really what I need right now. So, if you find yourself anywhere near Portland and in the need of anything running related, go there. They're great.

Oh yeah, D and I got in a run today. Easy tour on the Middle Bay Loop. Windy, but nice and easy.


Tristan said...

Have you tried women's shoes?

sn0m8n said...

It was discussed as a possibility. You point, Mr. Ominous Voice Mail?