Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nordic Meisters, Week #8 - The Finale

Holy crap. Last night it rained and turned the snow into a sucking vortex of sucking suction. It was really bizarre. The snow was really, really, really slow. It was literally sucking your skis down into the snow. No glide at all. On top of that, the klister that should have been working was worthless. No kick. None. It was some of the strangest snow conditions I've ever seen. So after spending the previous evening meticulously waxing my skis, doing a phenomenal job applying my klister—World Cup quality, testing my skis and warming up, I realized that they were worthless. I grabbed my waxless skis and took my run. And, run was the operative word. In all honesty, I think I could have run the course faster. But I was forced to run with skis. Needless to say, the kick was ridiculous, I ran right up everything. Unfortunately, I had to double pole down the hills. Well, not all of them. Anyway, it was a wacky day. By the time the late comers hit the course in the afternoon, things had firmed up and gotten considerably faster. That's why I got crushed by a 12 year-old. No really, it was a lot faster.

So that's the end of Nordic Meisters for 2008. I think I'm going to end up with my highest finish ever. Not that that's saying a lot, but it's been a good season. No more ski racing for this season. Well, because ski racing is dumb. Running just hurts. Skiing hurts and it's dumb.

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