Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Test Run

Today, I tried out my new Inov-8 Roclite 315's. I was waiting until I had a short, easy run planned to test them out, and today was the day. D and I headed to the bike path for 4 easy miles. (They're a trail shoe, but there was now way I was going to wait until the spring to test these babies out!) My body felt great after yesterday's long run, which was very encouraging.

As for the Inov-8's, well, the jury is still out. The shoes themselves are awesome. They'll be great shoes for the trails: stiff, firm soles, but they're really light. Plenty of support in a lightweight package. They just feel like good solid shoes. Good stuff. However, my heels were rubbing a bit by the end. I hate my feet. My feet are really hard to fit: narrow, low volume, thin heels, but normal length. *grumble* But, I think I have a solution. I'm going to experiment with some padding to lock my heel down. I'm going to try to mimic the heel of my Asics Kayanos, which fit great. We'll see. I really hope it works because a shoe that's only good for about 3 miles is pretty worthless.

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