Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm Tired...Or...Stop Being a Dumbass

In response to how I felt yesterday during and after my run, I've been thinking a great deal about the current state of my fitness and health. Fitness up. Health up. Fatigue definitely up. It struck me while I was looking at my training log this morning. I'm going to end up running about 70 miles in March. Now, while that's not a lot of miles for most people, it's the most mileage I've done in any single month in years. Literally. So, I guess it stands to reason that I would be tired. In other words, I'm feeling more positive about the current state of things when it comes to my "training." I'm working pretty hard...for me. But the obvious key is to not overdo it. (At this point, D is shaking head saying, "I told you so, you stubborn bastard.")

So, here's the plan. I'm going to stick with my plan for this week. That means about 4 miles tomorrow to close out the week above 20. Instead of trying to ramp it up again next week, I'm going to back off. I'm going to take it real easy: 4 days, 3-mile runs. It will let me keep up my fitness, but not get burnt out.

Really, this is all an experiment for me. Sure, I'll be racing, or, more accurately, participating in events with other people in which I receive an official time. But, I'm really just trying to get into shape. I'm not going to fall behind by taking an easy week. In fact, it should help me in the long run. This whole year is really about building a base. Slowly.

I believe this is called maturity or maybe less dumb in my case.. This is exactly what I never figured out in college, and why I never improved. Not running fast? Run more. Oh, look, I'm injured. Gotta get back running as soon as possible. Vicious cycle. In order to avoid that circle of disappointment and frustration, I'm backing off. So, next week should actually be a lot of fun. Short, easy runs. Looking forward to it. After all, this is supposed to be fun.