Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Easy 5 and Random Stuff

Ran an easy five this evening after work. I wore my new shoes, and I must report that they are still really freakin' white...much like me. The details of the run are few. It was nice. I felt fine. Little tight in the calves, but they are my calves after all. It was a bumpy run, but I'm OK with that. Since the embed thingamajigger isn't working on mapmyrun, here's the elevation profile:

It looks really hilly, but it didn't feel really hilly. I'm hoping that's a good thing. I'm also hopeful that the despair of last week will be the low point in my training. Fingers crossed.

Onto the randomness...

The movie voice over guy died. That sucks. Do you think he knew when he was doing the voice over for a trailer that a movie was going to be terrible?

Football is here! Season starts Thursday. I'm fairly excited. I've already had my 2 fantasy football drafts. I like one of my teams. I don't like the other. I'm certain that by the end of the season, the feeling will be reversed. The lesson here: fantasy football is total crap shoot. (Unless you spend 4 hours a day working on your teams...which I used to do. Not healthy.) In honor of football season, here are people getting the everliving schnikies hit out of them. Good times.

I've made a decision. I love Pringles. Are they gross? Are they bad for me? Do they even contain potatoes? Well, I don't care. I love Pringles. They're especially tasty...well, all the time. Lately, I've been enjoying the Bacon Ranch flavor. I've yet to see the Loaded Baked Potato variety, but I'm willing to bet I'll love them.

12 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. Eating Pringles also on the schedule.


mindy said...

Glad your run went well. I'm bummed about the voice over guy, too. The other day I heard a different voice over guy for a movie - and I swear it was the guy who sang the one hit wonder (Rockabye?) and I thought "what happened to our regular voice over dude"...and I guess he wasn't doing so well. Long story short "In a world...." will never be the same.

Winter Warlock said...

Did you know that in Japan they have Roast Turkey flavored Pringles??!!

sn0m8n said...

Shawn Mullins? Yeah, he's not so good...unless you listen to "9.89! WCLZ! Different is Good!" guh...kill me.

Roast Turkey!?!?! That's sounds amazingly terrible yet horribly delicious.