Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Four Turkeys and a Beaver, Shaken Not Stirred

Had a moderately crappy day at work today, so my goal for this run was to feel better and not take it out on the run. Did pretty well. Kept it at a very reasonable 8:45ish pace for my 6+ miles. Although, there were a couple times where I could feel myself getting cranky and picking up the pace. Luckily, the trails are hilly enough to keep me in check.

The best part of the run was that I saw a beaver. I stopped briefly to pee/stretch, and there he was just doing laps in the swamp/pond. It was pretty darn cool. Later on, I saw the family of turkeys I've seen on a couple other occasions. Needless to say, I was pretty hungry by the end of the run. OK, that might not be related to the wildlife sightings. Probably more related to the fact that I didn't get out until after 5:30. It was chilly then, too. Ah, sweet fall.

OK, I a fully stoked for the new James Bond flick. I really, really liked the last one, so I can't wait for this one.

Worst title of all time. "Quantum of Solace"? I get it. It goes with theme of the movie. And, you couldn't call it "James Bond is Kinda Sad." But, "Quantum of Solace"? This is way better:

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