Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Strange Run and a Whole Pile of Random

This is going to be the most random post I've had yet...and that's saying a lot. What can I say? I was in the woods for over a week, so I had some catching up to do.

First stop on this tour was this afternoon's run. It was really strange. It started with a call to D. "Tell me I should go for a run...whine...whine...whine...whine..." She basically told me to stop being a baby and get out the door. It was raining, and I was running. Overall, I felt tight. I think the best description is not fluid. The plan was to just run 5, but I got to the turn around point and decided to run to the 3 mile point. At the 3 mile mark, I decided to just make it a full loop rather than an out and back. No one likes an out and back. We had driven this loop a long time ago, so I knew that it was about 8. I'm training for a marathon, what the hell is 2 more miles, so I went for it.

By the way, running on the roads is bad. First, it's pavement. Ouch. Second, there are cars, and they often try to hit you. Third, ego. This is perhaps the most dangerous as evidenced by my performance today. The loop ended up being 7.8. I finished in 1:01:45. That's 7:55's. Yeah, I have no idea. I do know that running down 196...sucked...and that I absolutely mashed the last hill. Oh well, I guess it's good that I could do that and have it feel pretty comfortable even when not feeling that great. Who knows? This running thing makes no sense.

So, while I was in the woods the American economy collapsed, which I guess is big news. But, did you hear that Steven Seagal has an energy drink? That's amazing. What's more amazing is that one of the "flavors" is called Asian Experience. I don't know where to begin. It sounds so horrible, I need to try it. Although, it can't be nearly as good as Powerthirst. (Not all language appropriate for all situations.)

(I could watch that over and over and over fact, I have. Powerthirst 2 is pretty funny, too...but even more inappropriate. So, yeah, I highly recommend it.)

Moving on, I heard a great interview on NPR the other night. It really shed a lot of light on U.S. - Iranian relations. I was fascinated...and terrified. I highly recommend it, so here's the link.

Speaking of real stuff, I watched the debate last night. Obviously, I already knew for whom I'll be casting my vote, but I really wanted to hear the two of them squabble. And squabble they did. To me, McCain came off as a big grump. I did think Obama said, "John is right," far too often, but I was impressed with the way he carried himself. I really hope he wins. It would be nice to be proud of a President again. I can tell you that I am definitely watching the Vice Presidential debate. I can't imagine that Palin won't come off like a moron...well, because she is. This isn't particularly funny, because it's so close to the truth.

I told you this post was going to be random. And continue with that theme, I leave you with something hypnotic.

I believe that's what would happen if Brian Austin Green, Crispin Glover and Potsie Webber formed a really "flamboyant" synth pop band.

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