Monday, May 11, 2009

Run, Eat: Repeat. (Well, at the least the eat part.)

On Saturday morning, D and I packed up the Snowplug-mobile for a trip to Acadia National Park...because it's the best place on run and hang out with Jamie, Mindy and Pete. A lot happened in three days, so here's a bulleted list of the awesomeness:
  • Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches are unbeatable.
  • Ran the "Around Mountain" Loop (about 11 miles) with Jamie and Mindy. The run was awesome. I felt great. Not much else to say about that. Well, except for the fact that we were attacked by a spruce grouse. Seriously. Jamie has an awesome description of it, except he left out the volume of Mindy's screaming. Horror movie quality. We were laughing so hard that we needed to stop running, but every time we did, it kept attacking. I've never seen anything like it, and really wouldn't have believed that it could actually happen was I not victimized.
  • I ate a Flatliner. It's a sub. It involved steak, pepperoni, mayo, hot sauce and other deliciousness.
  • I attempted to start a fire in the pouring rain. I was only deterred when I realized that I would be the only one standing around it if I did get it going. I can't believe everyone bailed/were collected by Noah.
  • Great run around Eagle Lake. D joined us this time, which was very groovy. She's still kicking butt while carrying the Turnip.
  • Brunch was enjoyed without having to wait 2 hours. Seriously, a 2-hour wait for breakfast. That place must be good.
  • D and I bailed on camping again and scored a hotel room.
  • Awesome breakfast at that place. BISCUITS!
  • D and I went for a walk that turned into a hike. We wandered into a marsh, around the Tarn, climbed a huge peak...OK, it was only 407 feet tall.
  • I ate a Philly Cheese Steak smothered in gravy. Really.
  • Managed to stay awake while driving home.
Let the detox commence. Must be why I had a salad for dinner.

For the running specific highlights, I have to say that I'm very encouraged. I felt great on our long run on Saturday. Literally, it felt like nothing. Felt awesome on Sunday morning, too. I'm going to keep taking it easy, but hopefully, things are headed in the right direction.


Jamie said...

Great weekend! So glad you guys were part of it. I'm still salivating when I think of that Flatliner sub you ordered. I'll have to go back.

mindy said...

Cheeeeesesteak mmmmmmm.....

sn0m8n said...

In all seriousness, the gravy drenched cheese steak made the Flatliner seem like a wilted BLT without the B. The Spot Grill is the place to be.