Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Waste It?

The "current phase" of my "training plan" calls for easy, short runs and longer skis. It's an extremely technical plan that I just can't explain here. Anyway, I headed for the bike path today for an easy 3-mile run. Well, I felt really good, so I extended it into 4 miles. I figured, if I was feeling that good, there was no reason to cut it short. It's not often in the last...well, 10 years...that I've felt good enough on a run to do a little extra. Of course, what I failed to realize on the way out is that the wind was at my back. It made for a little slower going on the way back, but it was still a great run.

Mad props to the Brunswick DOT. They did a great job of clearing the bike path. Yesterday, we had about 6-8" of new snow, then about 2" of rain on top of that, then it froze overnight. Really, really nasty. The walkway at our house is 2" of solid ice. Our driveway/road/parking area is even worse. Let's just say our plowing company is less than stellar. Anyway, the bike path was mostly clear. I started out with my YakTraks, but only wore them for the first 30 seconds of the run. Once I got out of the parking lot and around the first corner, the path was clear. I stashed the YakTraks, and carried on.

The "plan" calls for another run tomorrow. At that time, I'm sure I'll have another riveting post.

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