Wednesday, February 20, 2008

5 + Beer = Awesome

OK, maybe that's not quite the right equation, but aside from work that pretty much describes my day.

D and I managed to get in a 5 mile run on the bike path this morning. It was a nice, easy run. It was windy, which made it easy on the way out and sucktastic on the way back. But, it was still fairly easy, and all the parts felt good even if they were slightly fatigued from our trudging through the Commons yesterday.

This evening, I went to a beer tasting a Frontier. It was like a wine tasting, but better because it was beer.

Here is the list of beers on the menu:
Coniston Bluebird Bitter
Blaugies Darbstye
St. Sylvestre Gavroche
Southampton Publick House Saison Deluxe
Hop Back Entire Stout
Nogne-O Porter
Thomas Hooker Brewing Old Marley

I had never had any of these before, so that was cool. Overall, good stuff. The Nogne-O Porter, from Norway, was my favorite. Good stuff. If I had the means, I would regularly stock my fridge with it. The Blaugies Darbyste was strange. It smelled terrible, but tasted good. I couldn't reconcile the two. The Saison was surprisingly good, since it doesn't seem like something I would normally go for, but I genuinely enjoyed it. The Entire Stout was solid, as was the Gavrouche. All in all, a good time. They are planning to do some more of these nights in the future, and I told them to put me on the list for all of them.

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