Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Recovery Run

As you know, my loyal readers (Mom), this is usually the spot reserved a report on Nordic Meisters. Well, we skipped Nordic Meisters this week for two reasons:
1. The weather: Wet snow and mixed slop. Not the best for driving.
2. Lingering pain and suffering from the Maine Track Club Mid-Winter 10-Mile Classic.

So, in lieu of driving and skiing hard, we went for a run instead. However, running in the crappy weather was still a part of the story, as a nasty, cold mist was falling. The good news is that the couple inches of wet slop had been cleared from the bike path making the run relatively smooth. That being said, I'm still sore: back, quads and calves. It was a rough 27-minute, 3-mile run.

Upon further reflection on the race, I've realized a couple things. First of all, I'm definitely on the right track with my running. I think it's slowly coming together, and I should be able to improve my results with more base and training. But, there's no way that's going to happen unless I add in some type of strength training. UGH. This has always been the least favorite part of my "fitness regimen." Even in college, I never spent as much time in the weight room (surprise, I know) as I should have. I definitely need to improve my core strength, if I expect to have any success, especially in trail races. I'll just have to figure out a way to work it in...and like it.

Additionally, the whole plan for this race was to really use it as a test for other potential races for the year. I wanted to see how I felt during and after. Well, I felt bad during and I feel bad after, so...yeah, I'm planning for the rest of the year. Walking is not 100% perfect yet, and I have one blackened toe. I'm tired. I spent a chunk of time last looking at race calendars and reports. I'm not well. I'm planning. And, by planning, I mean putting one race the calendar: Pineland Farms Trail Challenge, on May 25.

There are three races that day. There's a 50-mile, but that starts at 6:00am, so that's out. There's also a 50k, but that's two laps of the course. Why run two, when you only have to run one? I think I'll take the 25k option. One lap, 15.5 miles. Should be painful. So, until then, that's what I'll be training for. It's still a long way off, and in the immediate future, I'll be working on recovering before I set any type of formal training plan in motion. I'll also be looking at the calendar for other race options.

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