Tuesday, December 11, 2007

That's better

I felt the need to redeem myself after my crappy run yesterday. And I did feel better today. I'm still in shuffle mode, but that's OK. Actually, I'm really trying to get used to running on the roads. Snow is a good thing...it's always a good thing. But the snow has knocked me off the trails, and onto the roads. Well, onto the pavement anyway. I try to avoid running on the roads themselves because in the winter that involves narrower shoulders, slush and stupid drivers. I prefer not to get run over on my runs...I'm picky like that. So I'm moving my runs to the Brunswick/Topsham bike path. It makes for a nice, car-free route...albeit a paved one. It's your typical boring out and back, but I'm not complaining. I will need to mix it up a bit, but for a couple days a week it will suffice. The real trick with getting back on pavement is that it's much harder than trails. Seems pretty obvious, but it definitely makes a difference. My calves don't like pavement. It makes them pretty tight. Plus, on my ski the other day, I slipped at one point and my left hamstring exploded. It feels like boo boo. That's not good. Gee, doesn't all this sound like fun?

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