Monday, December 10, 2007


Kind of a crazy week at work, but I did manage to ski a couple times. There is a huge difference between my waxless and waxable skis. And, really, the problem is me. Now, the kick wax I threw on my skis on Sunday was a little cold for the conditions, but I thought it would be OK. It wasn't. I could barely get it to work. I'm just not that proficient with old kick and glide. That being, said the ride on my waxable skis is so much nicer than my waxless. Smoother, more maneuverable...good stuff.

D and I ran today on the Brunswick/Topsham bike path, and it really wasn't a whole lot of fun. My calves and hamstrings were so tight from skiing that I could barely move. It was more of a shuffle than anything else. I guess that switching between the two activities is going to be harder than I thought. Plus, I'm trying to plan out a way to get ready for a 10-miler in February, and it's going to be really tough. Just from a scheduling standpoint. Between work, travel and the need/desire to ski, it's going to be really tricky. And now with the new found knowledge that the two things may not go that well together, it's going to be a struggle. The good news is that we don't have to sign up until just before the race. So I have some time to see how it all goes. But after today it doesn't look good.

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