Saturday, March 27, 2010

Training Weeks 3/14 - 3/20 & 3/21 - 3/27

Admittedly, I've been a complete slacker in updating the blog, but that's because I've been a complete slacker in general. This week was completely craptastic, so my motivation to update last week was nonexistent. Consequently, the long term confidence is dwindling. This whole "marathon training" isn't quite going as planned, and, perhaps, it can't be done when you have a 5-month old child that hates sleep. It's a good thing she's cute because otherwise we'd leave her on a hillside somewhere.

Who me?

Onto the numbers:

3/14, Sunday: 8.25 total, Granite State Snowshoe Championship 10k: 58:11, 13/34.

3/15, Monday: 3 - 25:01, Suck Loop. Felt surprisingly good.

3/16, Tuesday: Off. Planned off day.

3/17, Wednesday: 5 - 43:51, Back Cove with D and the Little Lady in the B.O.B. We had an appointment in Portland, so we took advantage of the circumstance and the beautiful weather to run together. I'm definitely getting more comfortable pushing that rig.

3/18, Thursday: ~35:00, skate ski at Great Glen Trails. I only managed about 6k, but the snow was sooooooo sloooooooow, it was more of a workout than I bargained for.

3/19, Friday: 3 - 23:36, Suck Loop. Felt great.

3/20, Saturday: 20 - 3:29:47, Hedgehog Fat Ass hosted by Chuck and Katy. I arrived late, since I was on daddy duty, so D could get her planned run in. As a result, most folks had already put in ten miles by the time I arrived, and they were 10 tough, rugged miles. Chuck devised a terrific course of two distinct loops with plenty of singletrack, mud, hills and even the dreaded FIELD OF DEATH. This was not easy running. I planned for 20, and that's what I managed despite the unseasonably warm temperatures. Unfortunately, since I started late, I had the run the final 6.25-mile loop alone. Admittedly, I was pretty beat by the time I was only a mile or so into it, and decided to skip the climb over Hedgehog Mountain. I felt pretty strong the most of the way, and was pleased to get the miles in. It was clearly much warmer than I'd been used to as the insides of both my quads cramped up badly after I finished. I think Chuck was worried I was going to writhe around on his lawn all afternoon. Luckily, it took me so long to finish, none of the 15 or so Trail Monsters remained to see me.

Miles: 39.25
Trail: 28.25
Road: 11

Big week for me. Very pleased.

But, it might have killed me. It's not a good sign that I do one tough long run, and I crash the following week. Beginning to think I should stick to the shorter stuff. Here's why...

Onto the numbers:

3/21, Sunday: Off. Planned on a short run to get the junk out of my legs, but both D and I spent the day lounging around my parents' house instead.

3/22, Monday: 5 - 41:12, Highland Green Loop. Quads still a bit sore from Saturday, but otherwise, I felt great.

3/23, Tuesday: 4.5 - 42:17, Mt. Ararat Loop with powerline extension. The day was crappy, and that's how I felt. I pushed myself out the door in the rain and the wind, but I'm not sure what I accomplished. I felt terrible. Soreness was completely gone, but that's the only positive.

3/24, Wednesday: Off. Exhausted.

3/25, Thursday: Off. I felt so awful when I woke up, I thought I was going to vomit—no exaggeration. I was off from work...but, I was also charged with taking care of the Little Lady all day. Not entirely restful.

3/26, Friday: Off. Felt good enough to squeeze a run in, but decided to bag it. Still not feeling great, so I figured pushing it would do more harm than good. Did I mention that the Little Lady has decided that waking up every two hours in the night is a good thing?

3/27, Saturday: 3 - 24:25, Suck Loop. Not great. Not awful. At least I got the blood flowing.

Miles: 12.5
Trail: 4.5
Road: 8

Not exactly the numbers that are going to lead to a Boston Qualifier. Like I said, one long run, and it all falls apart. Not what I was hoping for. Right now, I'm totally questioning the marathon in seven weeks.

That week doesn't deserve tunes.

Tomorrow is the Run for the Border Half Marathon. It is supposed to be a barometer for my marathon training, but based on this week, I'm not sure what to expect. Well, I'm not expecting much. The plan was to run the first 8 miles at marathon pace, and then push the last 5. I'm going to stick with that plan, but I'm not entirely confident. Even if it does go well, I'm not sure about the marathon. I guess I'll know more around mile 11 tomorrow.


middle.professor said...

Egads! A 20 mile long run when you were previously doing 20-30 mile weeks is a monster jump and a huge percentage of your weekly mileage. Of course you're going to feel like garbage after that! I wouldn't attribute it to your ability or your body's natural response to a long run. Only a long run without allowing your body to adapt to the stress.

sn0m8n said...

Don't bring rational thought and sound reasoning into this discussion.

middle.professor said...

You've been having too many running conversations with little lady samantha...