Monday, March 1, 2010

Training Week 2/21 - 2/27

Alternate title for this post: Uber-lame and super pathetic. Not a good week. My only excuse was the deflation of another snowshoe race being canceled. "Oh, not racing this weekend? Might as well sit on my butt and eat Ring Dings." (No actual Ring Dings were consumed, but I sure do like me some Ring Dings.) I seem to be on a roller coaster: one week up, one week down. I guess that means that this will be a good week.

Onto the lame numbers:

2/21, Sunday: 3.25 - 27:00, 2x Mt. Ararat HS Loops. Planned easy day following Saturday's long run. I was little tight, but otherwise good.

2/22, Monday: 5 - 44:30, Bike Path w/ D and the Little Lady in the B.O.B. Pushing that thing is not easy, but I felt good.

2/23, Tuesday: Off. Planned off day. I could have gone with a snowshoe run at Nordic Meisters, but knowing myself, I knew that I couldn't take it easy. The body was in need of an easy day, so an off day was the best choice.

2/24, Wednesday: 5.5 - 48:53, a mishmash of Mt. Ararat trails, Cathance River Trails, Highland Green Golf course. Planned on a loop through the Cathance River Trails, but there was too much soft and inconsistent snow to make it really runnable. It was also raining, and the snow seemed to be deteriorating with every step—not a lot of fun. So, I altered my loop, but that meant I was out of the woods and in the wind. Just a gross day to be outside. I did see 15 turkeys on the golf course, though.

2/25, Thursday: Off. There was a hurricane, and I'm a wuss.

2/26, Friday: Off. I could have run when I got home from work. Instead, I picked up Indian food and drank beer.

2/27, Saturday: 4.5 - 36:23, 3x Mt. Ararat HS Loops. Rainy and slushy. Started out feeling a bit creaky (I wonder why?), but felt good by the end.

Miles: 18.5
Trail: 5.5
Road: 12.75

Yup, like I said: lame. In short, that's not going to get it done. So, perhaps, the positive I can take from this is to not let it happen again. (Preview of coming attractions: I had a good 12-mile run yesterday.)

But, even in a lame week, there are awesome tunes!


middle.professor said...

That's not going to get you up Mt. Washington very fast!

sn0m8n said...

Not the running, but the Echo and the Bunnymen will! (That assumes I'm running Washington, which is unlikely.)