Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Training Week 3/7 - 3/13 & The Plan

A little out of order this week, but I wanted to make sure I got my race report done while it was fresh in my mind. And, in no way does that short change last week because it set me up nicely.

Onto the numbers:

3/7, Sunday: 6 - 1:09:15, snowshoe on the Granite State Snowshoe Championship course at Great Glen Trails. I figured if it was going to be a true home course advantage, I should get out and run the course. I didn't exactly make the connection from the nordic trails to the Aqueduct Loop the way Chris ended up laying it out, but it was close enough. It was a great run, and it confirmed what I already knew: the course was awesome and difficult.

3/8, Monday: 5.5 - 57:42, random loop through the Cathance River Preserve and Highland Green Golf Course with D. D's father was visiting with us for a couple days, and he offered to take the Little Lady for a walk while we ran together. We kept the pace easy and just wandered around in the mud. It was also my first run of the season in shorts—many innocent bystanders were blinded.

3/9, Tuesday: Nordic Meisters, 5k Skate: 17:41. I decided to mix it up this week and ski race. It was the last week of Nordic Meisters, so why not? To my surprise, I skied fairly well. My v2 is a sham, and I'm not particularly smooth. But, it was a good way to break up the week.

3/10, Wednesday: 5 - 40:55, Highland Green Loop. Felt good. Breezy day.

3/11, Thursday: 4 - 34:41, Bike Path with the Little Lady in the B.O.B. I had originally planned to take the day off, since I was home alone with the Little Lady all day. As the afternoon wore on, I was unable to get her to go down for a nap in her crib, so I decided to take her out for a run. It worked, and I had a nice view the whole time:

3/12, Friday: 5 - 50:47, random cruise around the singletrack at Bradbury Mountain. I had a meeting in Portland, so I decided to stop for a run on the way home. Beautiful day on the trails.

3/13, Saturday: A few k of an easy skate ski at Great Glen Trails, ~25:00. I needed to get out and take some photos of the Carl Johnson Memorial Ski-A-Thon, so I just cruised around easily. Nice day.

Miles: 25.5
Trail: 16.5
Road: 9

Not a big week mileage-wise, but a good step back week. I felt really good on all my runs, so I think it was just what I needed heading into Sunday's race.

Tune Time!

No idea what's going there, but New Order is awesome.

The Plan

Looking ahead, my next race will be the Run for the Border Half Marathon on 3/28. My plan is to run the first 8 miles at marathon pace and then hammer the last 5 miles. "Marathon pace?" you ask. I've decided that I'm going to run the Sugarloaf Marathon on 5/16 with the goal of qualifying for Boston. This half marathon will let know exactly where I stand. If it goes well, I'll register for the marathon. Might be a pipe dream, but I'm going to give it a shot. I need to run 3:15:59. 7:27 per mile works out to about 3:15:10, so this is what I'm considering my goal pace. Can I run 26 7:27's in a row? No idea, but I'm going to try. I'm also planning to run that pace as long as possible when I get there. If it feels too fast at 10 miles, I'm not going to slow to 8:00's so I can finish in one piece. My goal is Boston. I have this nagging urge to cross this off my life list. Why not now? Again, I'll know a lot more in two weeks. Now, you may recall that I said that my plan was to run shorter races, avoid the crescendo of the big races and just race more. Well, with smarter training and smarter recovery, I think I can do both. Maybe...


middle.professor said...

Damn Ryan, you must be expressing some novel post-birth hormones in your brain. That is three weeks in a row that you've added music video that I like! I've even seen two of those acts (Echo and English Beat, well it was the Fine Young Cannibals but Saxa joined them for the show).

sn0m8n said...

Jeff, that implies that you don't like the video from 4 weeks ago, and if you don't like the Smiths, we can't be friends anymore.

middle.professor said...

I forgot that one (actually I was just tired of going back through the archives to find out how long you've put linking to good music - and no it's not since the birth of your blog).