Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not Quite Five

After much internal debate, I headed out for a run this afternoon while D was taking the Little Lady for a walk. When you have a newborn, stuff gets missed, forgotten, lost. Today, we forgot to make coffee. Not sure how it happened. It just did. And, we both were feeling the effects. I was tired this afternoon, and not really feeling like running. In fact, I was downright ornery. But, as it so often is once you get moving the run heals all. And, such was the case today.

It was surprisingly cool as I headed out. The breeze was downright cold. I warmed up eventually, but it took a while. It was appropriate that I finally noticed the winter berries D wrote about. Very pretty. And, in order to see those, I was out along the powerlines, but just on a short stretch as I decided to do a slightly longer loop through Highland Green. I figured I was less likely to get shot by a hunter in a 55-plus housing community vs. the more remote sections of the powerlines. I was definitely tight from yesterday's effort, but things soon worked themselves out. Overall, an uneventful run, but a good one. The best part was the view of the sunset on my way towards home. Beautiful reds, oranges and pinks.

I thought the loop was 5, but when I finished, I was stunned. My watch read 39:20. Hmmm...I felt good, but no that good. (It's not uncommon for me to not look at my watch at all on my runs, and today was no different.) D confirmed that the loop is closer to 4.75, so that makes more sense...sort of. That works out to 8:17 per mile. So, that's about 45 seconds per mile slower than yesterday's run over an additional 1.75 miles. It doesn't seem like that equates to how much easier today felt. I know a lot of factors go into "feel," but this seems odd. Could it be that I have a very specific pace threshold? Interesting.

Planning another run tomorrow. That will be three days in a row, which will be a first since the new sleep schedule. Hopefully, we have another good night. And, if you're curious about how we're feeling about all this, D summed it up beautifully.


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Haha so you have the hunter fear as well?! I live where it is flat, so in order to get any hill training I need to start look to outside the city where the farms are. Not that I think I look like a deer, but the idea of being mistaken for one is unsettling. Guess a person just needs bright clothing.