Thursday, October 8, 2009

La Sportiva is NOT OK

After the untimely demise of my first pair of La Sportivas, I did, in fact, receive a new pair directly from them. And, they arrived rather quickly. As I mentioned, I wasn't sure if I was going to do much running in them, and I haven't run a step in them. I have worn them around, to work, and such. Here's what they look like:

As you can see, one of the soles has lost a number of its lugs. The yellow pieces are actually just glued onto the black sole. And, in this case, I use the term glued loosely. The most rugged terrain these shoes have seen is my kitchen floor, and they're falling apart. That's two pairs of shoes that are lemons. So, I have to draw the conclusion that La Sportiva makes a crappy product. Very disappointing. I'm on the fence whether or not to do anything about it. I could email them again, and go through the process again. But, do I really need another pair of La Sportivas? Maybe it's just this model. Or, maybe they all suck.

On the running front, I had a crappy run today. Just felt off. Oh well. I probably had a bunch on my mind.

Speaking of that, we're having a baby tomorrow. That's different.

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Blaine Moore said...

Congrats again (on the upcoming birth, not the crap shoes, obviously)