Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Training 7/4 - 7/10

After bemoaning my lack of consistency and flow over the last two weeks, this week really came together. It wasn't perfect, but it's the type of week that should be the paradigm moving forward. And, the resurrection of the blog is what this type of course correction is all about. It gave me a solid look at how exactly how things were going and how to correct them. Since I don't have the time or discretionary cash for a coach, it's like submitting a weekly training log to a coach--you know, without the knowledge or objectivity. Otherwise, exactly the same. As always, I'm an idiot.

Onto the numbers:
7/4, Monday: No running, but we did go on a groovy little hike as a family.
7/5, Tuesday (Cathance: 7, 1:10:04): Started sluggish, but ended up being a really solid run.
7/6, Wednesday (Mt. Ararat: 4.1, 34:26): Also started sluggishly, but this one was really encouraging. I could've definitely pushed harder and added more repeats. It's still early in the training cycle, so I didn't want to overcook things. More of these to come.
7/7, Thursday (Heath Plus: 4.2, 37:22): Easy recovery jog. Again, also started a little draggy.
7/8, Friday: Off
7/9, Saturday (Brunswick: 18, 2:36:23): Prior to this run, I struggled a bit to determine the right location--I'm not really sure why. After hemming and hawing, I decided to run to the ocean from my house. And, much like my prep for this run, it was never great, but it was never awful. All that being said, this was exactly the run that I needed. The mental training is just important as the physical, and this was a mental test. I was never really into it--before or during--but I'm really happy about that. I got it done. And, in ultrarunning, sometimes that's really all it takes.

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7/10, Sunday (Bradbury: 5.8, 1:02:04): An easy, early morning, recovery run in the rain to check the course marking for the Bradbury Scuffle. Legs felt good, and I was probably more tired at the end of the day due to standing all morning helping out during the race. With Stone Cat on the radar, I decided to not race the summer series this year, and this weekend confirmed my choice. With a Sunday race, I wouldn't have run as long on Saturday, and I would've beat myself up on Sunday. Glad I didn't take that route--gotta be smart.

Miles: 39.4
Time: 6:00
Elevation: 1,870

This week really felt like a week of training. And, it should have: it was the third of three "up weeks," and an (almost) 40-mile week, which is only my third of 2016. Plus, when I start a number of runs feeling slow or sluggish, but they end up feeling really good, then it means that my body is starting to adapt--and, hopefully, get fit. It's a feeling that I vaguely remember, and one that I like for sure. Down week on tap, then back to it, and I'm looking forward to more of the process.

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