Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Training 7/11 - 7/17

With the pattern of three weeks up and one week down, it mean that this week was a down week. Down weeks are the best!

Onto the numbers:
7/11, Monday: Off
7/12, Tuesday (Cathance: 7.1, 1:07:14): Pace was aided by actually being picked up and carried by all the deer flies. Brutal.
7/13, Wednesday (Johnson/88: 7.2, 56:36): Schedule was funky at work, so I had the chance to sneak out midday. It was HAWT! Plan was for a workout that I will call the Nate Dawg: 30 seconds hard, 90 seconds easy for 8 times per set. I did two sets of 8 with four minutes easy in between with a 10-minute warm-up and cool-down. Interesting workout. Sounds easy, but it wasn't all that easy. It's basically a structured fartlek. I did have to look at my watch a lot, which annoyed me, but otherwise it's a good workout. I'll definitely be hitting this one again. Also of note: new shoes! They're amazing in every way...especially the color...

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7/14, Thursday (Heath Plus, 4, 36:09): Dragged a bit on this one, so perhaps the workout was harder than I thought.
7/15, Friday (Vermont, 7.8, 1:12:47): Now, that was an awesome run. Headed to Vermont to crew at the Vermont 100 and had the chance late on Friday to get out on the country roads with John and Jamie. We had a blast--including sprinting into a radar gun--and I felt great despite the heat. Running is the best.

Vermont looks like this.

7/16 & 7/17, Saturday & Sunday: Off due to crewing Amy at the Vermont 100. Crewing is an endurance event unto itself. And, unfortunately, we didn't get to crew the whole 100 miles, as a foot injury knocked her out at 58.5 miles. Total bummer, but ultrarunning is a cruel mistress. If it were easy, it'd be a called a Tough Mudder...

So, there it is a solid down week. Getting back after it this week. Fingers crossed.

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