Saturday, May 12, 2012

Training Log 5/6 - 5/12

Originally, I was hoping to keep the momentum rolling this week, but I was prepared to have to take a step back week. And, the body put on a hearty "Whoa, big fella!", so this week was certainly less than even the planned step back. I'm definitely erring on the side of caution, but that seems prudent.

Onto the numbers...

5/6, Sunday: 6 - 51:00, Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park. My legs were tight and sore from Saturday's run, and the rest of me was less than chipper after the previous night's festivities, which may have included Oxbow Farmhouse Pale Ale, venison, Marshall Wharf Phil Brown ale, bratwurst, Stone 15th Anniversary Imperial Black IPA, more bratwurst, Oxbow Freestyle #4...oh, I did have a salad. Needless to say, I felt terrible. I did manage to take all the signposts. Big group for this one, and a great way to close out the weekend.

5/7, Monday: 4.25 - 38:04, Heath Loop. Probably should have taken the day off. Legs were tight and heavy. Sluggish run all around. Beautiful day around the Heath, though. I scared up a mother duck and her chicks, which were hunkered down alongside the trail. Didn't see them until they were scattering and squawking in all directions. Also of note, my trail running is crap. I clearly need more practice with the new gait on technical terrain. I was a bit of a mess.

5/8, Tuesday: Off

5/9, Wednesday: 5 - 39:39, Highland Green. Felt terrible. No energy and my calves were killing me. Reduced to a shuffle by the end. Developed a large knot in my left calf, which had me icing afternoon and night.

5/10, Thursday: Off. Calf definitely a concern much icing and stretching.

5/11, Friday: Off. More of the same

5/12, Saturday: 3 - 23:11, Patriot Commons. Calf felt markedly better in the morning and throughout the day, so I decided to go for a little test jog when D got home from work. Aside from being a touch hungry, things felt pretty good. Legs had a bit of spring in them, and both calves felt fine. If anything, the right was a touch tighter, which makes sense since I haven't been paying as much attention to it. Good sign.

Total: 18.25
Trail: 4.25
Road: 14

As I said, definitely more of a step back week than I had anticipated, but I think it was a wise choice. Hopefully, it will pay off in the long run. My lack of skills/comfort on the technical terrain was a bit unsettling. I plan to both boost the mileage back up and add in more technical trails this week.


Jamie said...

Smart on the step back week, and smart is of special importance at this stage, but you know this.

sn0m8n said...

Yah, but I ain't so good at dat smart thing.