Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Training Log 5/20 - 5/26

Much better overall week. Zero pain and very little tightness. (Well, for me, anyway.) More importantly, I felt comfortable running, which was a big boost both physically and mentally. Things are definitely coming around...well, until I got to Pineland...

Onto the numbers...

5/20, Sunday: 5 - 40:05, Highland Green. Felt oddly sluggish, perhaps the body didn't like taking the previous day off.

5/21, Monday: 10.5 - 1:30:20, Topsham ATV Trails + 3x Mt. Ararat. Great to be back out on some trails I hadn't seen in months. Miles clicked away pretty easily. I knew based on the loop I was on that I would need to add a bit to get the 10 miles I wanted, so I decided that I might as well run a couple laps of Mt. Ararat. Tough choice, but I'm glad I added that challenge at the end of the run. Good stuff.

5/22, Tuesday: 5.5 - 45:59, TMR TNR @ Twin Brook. My first TNR since January 3. That's way too long. Aside from Tom pushing the pace the whole way, it was great to be back in with the team. My legs were a bit draggy from the bay before, so I was glad the sprint lines never materialized.

5/23, Wednesday: Off

5/24, Thursday: 5 - 37:54, Highland Green. Proving that I have no idea how to train, this run turned into a lame progression run. I thought it wouldn't hurt to do something a little up tempo, but not too hard as to blow myself out for Saturday's race. I felt great, but running only moderately faster probably didn't really do anything.

5/25, Friday: 5 - 42:30, Homeplace. Another "classic" from our house that I hadn't done in months. Just a mellow trail run on a humid day.

5/26, Saturday: 8 total. Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival 10k - 49:51, 41/302. This race couldn't have gone any worse. It was embarrassing. Basically, I went out at a pace that was perfect, if I'm in shape.  I know my fitness is poor, but I wanted to see how much I could push. Basically, it started to hurt at about 2 miles, and I just gave up. I pathetically jogged the rest of way while the entire field passed me. I wanted to drop because I was embarrassed to run through the finishing chute and be seen by so many people. I didn't drop, but it was tempting. I'm not upset about the time or place. I'm upset about the effort. I didn't give any. Utterly disappointing. If the time and place we're the same but I'd given 100%, I'd be fine with it. Not sure what happened aside from another bad racing experience at Pineland, which is sad because the event is awesome. Let us never speak of it again.

Total: 39
Trail: 29
Road: 10

Aside from the disaster at Pineland, it was a good building week. I'm definitely on my way to being a runner again. And, it was entirely by accident that the trail mileage dramatically outpaced the road mileage. But, I'm certainly not complaining. Looking to continue to build.

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