Sunday, May 2, 2010

Training Week 4/25 - 5/1

Bit of a strange week. Started off fantastic, but then I fell non-violently ill. By week's end, I felt 100 times better, but that feeling didn't come through on any of my runs. But, I still ended up with an average week mileage-wise.

Onto the numbers...

4/25, Sunday: 8 total. Mud, Muck & Moose.

4/26, Monday: 0 - Sick. I felt completely fine when I woke up, but by 9:30 I felt a little off. By noon, I was freezing, shivering uncontrollably and literally passed out on the couch at about 2:30. Not good times.

4/27, Tuesday: 0 - Less sick. The shakes and fever were gone, but I felt totally depleted.

4/28, Wednesday: 3 - 24:50, Suck Loop. It was in the low 40's and rainy when I went out, but I NEEDED to get out the house. I was feeling a lot better, so I went for it. I felt surprisingly OK.

4/29, Thursday: 5 - 42:16, Highland Green Loop. Bolstered by the OK feeling on Wednesday's run, I figured I could get back at it on Thursday. Due to scheduling, I didn't get out until after I got home from work (2 hour drive) and we had put the Little Lady down for bed. So, out the door at 7:15 I went, and nearly turned right back around. I felt pretty crappy, and the effort felt much harder than the time shows. Also, my right calf and hamstring felt really tight and twingy. I did see three deer and heard D's Towhee.

4/30, Friday: 9 - 1:22:47, Cathance River Trails. Not wanting the week to be a total wash, I chose a not-quite-long trail run. The loop is terrific, but I felt off from the get go. I attributed that to the "heat." Plus, my right calf felt tight the entire run. I didn't exactly limp home, but I certainly didn't feel energized by the end. Saw an Eastern Kingbird a bit up the trail from the river.

5/1, Saturday: 4 - 33:40, Bike Path with Sam in B.O.B. The day's when I'm on daddy duty, the B.O.B. is my main weapon in the fight to get Samantha to take her afternoon nap, and today was no exception. The one exception today was that she fell asleep almost immediately. That was great! It meant I didn't have to run for too long, since I still wasn't feeling all that frisky. Calf was slightly noticeable.

Miles: 29
Trail: 17
Road: 12

Numbers-wise the week doesn't look all that bad, but it was a zero on the quality scale. Reasons are clear: I'm tired. Part of that fatigue comes from all the road miles I did last week. Another factor has to be the recent races (3 weekends in-a-row) and hill work. And, finally, there's a certain almost 7-month old in this house that often wakes up every two hours in the night. With all that in mind, I'm going to take it very easy this week. No reason to try to run myself out of fatigue. I tried that last summer, and it didn't work so well. Rest is the best option right now. It will also give my calf a bit of a break and give it some quality time with foam roller.


Music needs more xylophones.


middle.professor said...

Wow you and sparkplug are the running naturalists! I spooked a Cooper's hawk on my run tonight.

sn0m8n said...

Admittedly, I need to describe to D half of what I see, so then she can tell me what I saw. I also spotted the trailing arbutus she mentioned, but had ZERO idea what it was. However, I did know the kingbird. And, my greatest (and only) one up on her is the my sighting of a magnolia warbler. She has never seen one, but I spotted one on the AT near Moxie Bald Mountain one morning at a campsite while heading to the privy.