Monday, April 19, 2010

Training Week 4/11 - 4/17

Good solid week this week. Parts are feeling good, and I'm feeling even better mentally. Look out for a huge crash next week. Yup, always optimistic here at Snowman Says.

Onto the numbers...

4/11, Sunday: Salem State Wellness Fair 5k, plus an extra mile for 4 total. Today was one of the most fun days I've ever had running. First off, I was pacing my sister, hopefully, to a 5k PR, and my mom was running (with some walking) her first 5k ever! The plan was for me to run with Meg, and D would push Samantha in the B.O.B. with my mom. After I finished with Meg, I would backtrack on the course and finish with my mom. Meg and I started a little too far back in the pack and had to do a lot of weaving for the first half mile or so. We must have done pretty well, since we went through the mile in 7:45. Meg's new mile PR! She ran great the rest of the way working each hill and really pushing it. Her goal was to break 27:00, and we crossed the line in 26:28! I took about 2 seconds to congratulate Meg before heading off to meet my mom. I caught up to them with about 3/4 of a mile left to run in the course. My mom was in great spirits and moving well. We alternated running and walking with her. Meg decided to come out, too, so the five of us (including a sleeping Samantha) finished together. My mom was hoping to break an hour, and she ran 46:09! I'm really proud of both my sister and my mom, and I hope we all get to race together again soon. Personally, my calves and quads were a touch sore from THE RIVAH!!!, but otherwise, I felt great.

Samantha ready to race!

4/12, Monday: 5.25 - 47:05, Bike Path with D and Samantha in the B.O.B. I felt a bit sluggish today, but that could have been due to pushing the B.O.B. It was especially tough into the wind. I think I might have grumbled a bit.

4/13, Tuesday: 5.5 - 47:33, Twin Brook with the Trail Monsters. Thanks to babysitting help from the in-laws, I was able to make an extremely rare appearance at the TMR TNR. The running at Twin Brook is pretty sweet, and I felt really good the whole way around.

4/14, Wednesday: 5 - 41:36, Brunswick Town Commons, plus 5x strides. Nice day. Felt good. The strides count as speedwork in preparation for the Save Our Swinging Bridge 5k on Sunday.

4/15, Thursday: Off

4/16, Friday: 9 - 1:23:06, Cathance River trails. It was raining, windy and nasty, when I set out, but the sun came out during my run, and I ended up being a touch overdressed. I felt good the whole way, but my energy waned near the end due to hunger. I've been wanting to come up with a new longer loop in the Cathance River trails for a while now, and I think this one will fit the bill. Because I wanted to know the actual I distance of the route, I broke down and wore the Garmin. Here's the map:

4/17, Saturday: 3 - 26:20, Suck Loop. Snain. Yuk. Felt kinda meh.

Miles: 31.75
Trail: 19.5
Road: 12.25

The only lingering concern this week has been my left ankle. After turning it at THE RIVAH!!!, it's remained a bit sore. I turned again on both my runs on Tuesday and Thursday. The good news is that it didn't hurt any worse after these rolls, but it's probably slowed the healing. It's continued to feel better each day, so I'm not too worried.

Tune time!
I haven't been feeling overly retro-y this week, so let's go with something only quasi-retro..

Up next: race report from the Save Our Swinging Bridge 5k! 5k's are ridiculous.

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