Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer = Deer Flies

Battled the oppressive summer heat this afternoon...OK, it wasn't oppressive, but it was 75. First time it's been that warm since the Muddy Moose debacle. However, the heat wasn't the biggest challenge. A more worthy adversary is the deer fly. Or, in the case of this run, the dozens of deer flies. I managed to kill four of them. Each, more satisfying than the last. There really is something magical about the crunch when one of those little buggers goes down.

Route-wise, I headed for the Cathance River Trails, but I switched things up a bit. Instead of my usual loop, I stayed on the dirt roads to access the Ravine Loop, which is the loop that is furthest out in the system. It's a groovy singletrack trail that I don't get to run all that often.

As for how I felt, I'm going to go with OK, which leads me to my next point. As you may (or may not) have noticed, I haven't been posting much of late. In fact, the number of blog posts is a direct correlation to how I'm feeling about my running. Lots of posts, everything is peachy. Few posts...not so much. Last week, was definitely in the not so much category. No idea what's going on. I only managed three runs last week. Yesterday, my run wasn't anything to write home about. The only way I can describe how I've been feeling lately is "unnatural." I can't find my groove. I thought I'd turned it around, but perhaps not. I do have a couple strategies to get back on the right track. Hopefully, they'll pan out. In the meantime, hopefully the post frequency will increase, but I don't plan on putting in any hard work or fast (for me) racing. In fact, my plans for the fall are even more up in the air. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion.

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middle.professor said...

Run the Bitch to Bacon will definitely reset the mojo. Also running TMR TNR again! It's doubly satisfactory with Jim both telling great stories and swatting deer flies off your back.