Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Who's Crazier? You or Me?"

Yesterday, that's what a lady walking her tiny-poodle-esque dog asked me. It was dark. It was raining. I said, "Both, I think."

Anyway, I didn't run Wednesday or Thursday because I was attending a conference. I had to travel from Maine to New Hampshire then to Vermont on Wednesday. Then back home on Thursday. It was a lot of driving. I could have conceivably gotten in a run on Thursday morning, but I didn't have my stuff with me. The result of this was extreme tightness yesterday on my run. Holy crap was it ugly. Pick a muscle, and it was angry. Not paying attention to stretching or really even thinking about it certainly makes a difference.

But, like I said, I did get in 5 miles the dark and rain. I was planning to just do an out and back, but the out was so boring I decided to explore a bit. Instead of turning around at the end of the road, I continued on the dirt road that goes beyond the end of the Highland Green development. It ended up making a nice loop. Even though running through the somewhat generic 55+ community of Highland Green isn't that exciting, I'm sure I'll do this run again. It was actually a good run to do in the dark because there's a wide sidewalk, good for walking poodles, with streetlights. I also saw two deer. No hunters. (Yes, I was wearing my bright orange, don't shoot me vest.)

Today, was more of the same. Wet and dark. Gawd, I hate November. Although, it was close to 60 when I headed out for a quick 3 miles in the Commons. Nothing exciting to report.

Tomorrow is the Blackstrap Hell Trail Challenge. Should be groovy.

Emma sent me a cat vid, and I would be remiss to not post it. It's pretty good.

Cats = funny. But, sloths = completely, freakin' awesome!!!

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Trail Monster Running said...

I think I'll be moving like a sloth at the Hell run tomorrow. It is going to be hell, only wetter. Bring your most grippiest shoes and be prepared to get really muddy.