Thursday, November 6, 2008

We (Don't) Want the Funk

(That's D's all time favorite ad.)

I think I'm suffering from some form of post-marathon malaise. A funk of sorts. My motivation to get out and run has been kind of low. I'm just not really feeling it. I'm just feeling a little off. I don't have any particular excuse or reason, so I assume it's a funk. My plan is to run through it. Good idea? I don't know. That being said, I have gotten out the last two days.

On Wednesday, I did a quick 3-miler. And, it was actually kind of quick. That's the weird thing: while I'm running, I'm feeling really good. Well, except for the tightness. My calves and hamstrings are both really tight.

Because of the funk, when I was looking at my training log last night, I decided that I would take today off. But, in the back of my mind, I knew that I should get out for a run. So at some point, I hatched a plan to get up early with D and run with her. Since I barely heard the alarm, that didn't happen. (I barely heard her when she got back.) That's the other thing that's been off: my sleep patterns—stupid funk. Anyway, thanks to job flexibility, I was able to get out at lunch time. It was raining, and I ran 5 miles in the Commons. (Same route D ran this morning.) I felt really good. Relaxed and smooth, and I wasn't plodding along either. Again, except for the tightness. My right shin was actually hurting. Ridiculously tight. It eventually felt better, but it was borderline "should I stop?" painful in the first mile.

Because of all of this, I decided I need a team.

Roster spots include:
1. Coach
2. Physical Therapist
3. Massage Therapist
4. Sports Psychologist
5. Nutritionist
6. Exotic Dancer

The coach will help me put together an actual training plan. The physical therapist will keep all my parts in order. The massage therapist will make all the parts feel good. The sports psychologist will keep me from going crazy. The nutritionist will make sure that everything I eat doesn't involve either melted cheese or Pringles. And, the exotic dancer...well, all work and no play...

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Sparkplug said...

I can buy you rice cakes instead of pringles, but how boring is that?