Monday, November 19, 2007

Ok, maybe this will happen...

I contribute to a blog for work: (Yes, that was a shameless plug.) It's a good way to cut through the crap and talk about what's going on in our corner of the world. But I feel a bit hamstrung about being as crude and cynical as I normally might be. So with that in mind maybe this blog thing will happen. I dunno.

Anyway, I broke my ankle yesterday. Not broken in the sense of broken bone, but broken in the sense that I rolled it and crunched it. D and I were out on a trail run Bradbury Mountain State Park. I rolled it pretty good in the first 15 minutes but decided I could still complete the hour run we had planned. I'm kind of an idiot that way. On top of that, I'd taken the last 6 days off due to illness and an all around crazy work schedule. Thus, I was tight and creeky and my right knee hurt like hell. Yup, still an idiot. So, I'm enjoying hobbling around today. Oh yeah, we're running a race on Saturday. It's 4 miles. I'm done exactly zero speed work, so I'm certain my hamstrings are going to explode. I'm a friggin' idiot.

However, I should mention that Bradbury is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to run. The East Side trails are sweet. Except for the little friggin' pieces of death that try to break your ankles.

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