Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Training 6/20 - 6/26 & 6/27 - 7/3

This post was a bit delayed due to some work related travel, but it's tardiness is consistent with how I've been feeling about my training of late. Nothing is flowing. It's just a bit off. No idea why, but I need to start getting my act together.

Onto the numbers:
6/20, Monday: Off
6/21, Tuesday: (Longest Day 5k at Libby Hill: 2.4 warm up/2.8 race/3 cool down; 8.3 total) The training plan called for starting speed work this week, so I jumped right in with a 5k. Perhaps not the smartest move, but I survived unscathed with a decent look at where I am right now. And, right now, my cherry picking sucks, and I can barely outkick a 13 year-old. I ended up 6th overall, but I was the 4th old guy. And, yes, I did need to outkick a small child. That being said, it was a fun time with a bunch of Trail Monsters. Plus, the Libby Hill trails were fun. It would've been fun to race on more of the singletrack, but perhaps I'll get to explore more there someday.
Respect your elders...
6/22, Wednesday: Off. Plan was to run today, but a variety of life related factors made it a zero.
6/23, Thursday: (Highland A: 5.4, 43:46) I'm starting to dig this loop.
6/24, Friday: Off. Thought about running, but decided against junk miles.
6/25, Saturday: (Topsham ATV Trails: 15.2, 2:24:25) While I didn't feel perfect every step of the way this was a great run. Sometimes I just need to be out there alone to put it all together. This was one of those days. And, I wasn't totally alone...thanks, deer flies...
6/26, Sunday: Off...sorta. Again, a run was in the plan, but it didn't happen. However, we did get out for a hike with the whole family in Camden. My hike ended with a run to get the car, since the child was having a major meltdown around possibly pooping her pants. Oh, the joys of parenting...

Miles: 29
Time: 4:24
Elevation: 1,768

6/27, Monday: Off
6/28, Tuesday: (Lakefront Trail: 6.8, 53:29) My work schedule landed me in Chicago, so the Lakefront Trail was my best option. I decided that some early morning tourist running was a good option, so I head north from my hotel towards the city. While it's not my style, the Lakefront Trail is a great asset to a city the size of Chicago, and it is well-used. I can't imagine what it's like on a beautiful Saturday, as it was pretty busy with runners and bikers. Some of the bikers were ripping along, so that was a bit unnerving, but, otherwise, it was a fun, mellow run.
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6/29, Wednesday: (Lakefront Trail: 7, 52:03) Second morning in Chicago, and my second workout in the cycle. Four-mile tempo at 6:55 pace. No idea why four miles or why 6:55 pace. It was uncomfortable. That being said, the south end of the Lakefront Trail was much quieter.
6/30, Thursday: Off. Had planned to run, but my travel and work schedule left me exhausted.
7/1, Friday: Off. No excuse.
7/2, Saturday: (Heath: 3.9, 35:26) Combined with the happiness of flying into Portland on Thursday, I was really happy to be back on home turf. I'm very lucky to be able to live in an awesome place. (Read: the Midwest kinda sucks.)
7/3, Sunday: (Cathance: 15, 2:40:29) Unlike last weekend, I was happy to company on this one, especially someone I've been running with for 20+ years. Nate and I solved most of the world's problems as we wandered through the Cathance and out to Head of Tides. We tacked on four trips up and down Mt. Ararat at the end for extra vert and manliness. Solid run.

Miles: 32.8
Time: 5:01
Elevation: 1,270

Three days one week. Four the next. It's just not as consistent as I would like right now. There are some great moments in those numbers and some solid runs, but I need to be a little more buttoned-up. I'm probably nit-picking, but I know I can do better.

Most importantly, I'm officially registered for the Stone Cat 50 Mile in November. Four months to get ready. I'm very much looking forward to it.

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