Monday, June 20, 2016

Training 6/13 - 6/19

Another week, and that means another post! Maybe this will be a habit once again.

Plan for the week was to make this a step back week to remain consistent with the pattern of three weeks of build and one week to step back. As it turned out, I don't think I stepped back as much as I should have, but I felt good on all my runs. As always, I proceed with caution.

Onto the numbers:
6/13, Monday: Off
6/14, Tuesday: (Cathance: 6.7, 1:07:23) Easy cruise down to and along the river. Legs felt good, but the rest of my body felt "kinda draggy." Sometimes running in the evenings isn't the easiest.
6/15, Wednesday: Off. Last week was my first week with three, consecutive midweek runs, so resting today was the biggest part of the step back.
6/16, Thursday: (Highland A: 5.3, 43:05) Name for the run is derived by adding up and overs on Mt. Ararat to the "traditional" Highand Green Loop--yes, very creative. Consciously tried to hold myself back, but still managed a "snappy" pace. No complaints with that. I was a bit tight, which was only a slight bother.
6/17, Friday: Off
6/18, Saturday: (Southwest Harbor: 11.3, 2:17:49) Our annual end-of-school tradition has become a weekend in Southwest Harbor, and with my parents along, D and I were able to get out together. In short, this run was awesome. Nothing else to say...just awesome.

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6/19, Sunday: (Heath: 4.1, 36:02): After downing a couple beers and a full rack of ribs, I'm not sure what exactly I was recovering from. Despite holding up my belly, my legs felt great.

Miles: 27.6
Time: 4:44
Elevation: 2,707

So, like I said, not as much of a step back week as it probably should have been, since the miles were right, but the time was only 10 minutes less and the elevation was about 80% more. I try not to worry too much about numbers, but they do tell part of the story. I'll keep tabs on things this week and adjust if need be.

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