Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All Done

That's all she wrote.

After taking 3 days off with tightness in my right Achilles, I did a short, easy 3-mile test run. It no longer hurt, but it was still a bit twingy. I decided to take more time off. It felt much better throughout the week, and after an additional 5 days off, replete with icing and ibuprofen, I went for another 3-mile test run on Sunday. My right Achilles felt basically fine, but towards the end of the run, my other Achilles/calf tightened dramatically. I limped in the last few strides and was completely hobbled the rest of the day/night. I woke up the next morning limping, and I knew it was a strain.

Another injury means more time off, more rehab, more...more...more...
I'm done. I don't have the mental energy for another stint of rehab. Running is supposed to be fun. It's not anymore. No more training. No more goal races. It's just not enjoyable this way.

I'll probably run here and there. I'll still show up at the summer Bradbury races. I'll still direct the snowshoe series. I'll still consider myself a runner. But, I'm not training. It's just not worth it.

And, with no more training. No more training posts.
I'm done.